Relax RV Podcast – episode 51 – Take 7 minutes to Relax

Take 7 Minutes to Relax

I recorded this many years ago, I hope it helps you to relax. Do NOT listen to it while driving or operating heavy equipment.

Find a safe comfortable location. Use headphones or earbuds if available. 


Relax RV Podcast – episode 50 – A Progressive Relaxation Exercise

Progressive Relaxation 

I recorded this many years ago, I hope it helps you to relax. Do NOT listen to it while driving or operating heavy equipment.

Find a safe comfortable location. Use headphones or earbuds if available. 


Relax RV Podcast – episode 49 – An Introduction to Stress

An Introduction to Stress

I recorded this many years ago, I hope it helps you to relax. Do NOT listen to it while driving or operating heavy equipment.

Find a safe comfortable location. Use headphones or earbuds if available. 


Relax RV Podcast – episode 48 – The last stop and then home

Episode 48 – Released 3/26/20

We visited Centralia Pa on our way to Bloomsburg Pennsylvania.  Centralia is a town had an iron field under it and had caught in fire many years ago.  We then arrived at our Boondockers Welcome host site, and met our hosts Scott and Amy.. They invited us to join them for dinner the next night we said absolutely and we would bring wine and dessert. We looked online and found Dalos bakery in Berwick, Pennsylvania.

The next morning Scott reached out and asked if our generator was working. Scott came out and after some finagling he noticed a wire dangling behind the carburetor. We spliced them together and voila it started and runs without a hitch.  The next day we got all packed up then our goodbyes lasted another hour. It’s nice when we leave a place knowing you have new friends.  We already have plans to get together with them.

We drove 2 hours home along the way we dumped and filled up with gas. We tend to fill up on every leg of our trip. Which means we have about 20 gallons to fill when we are at 3/4 of a tank.

After taking out stuff that could freeze I winterized it, following my own directions and hopefully this time nothing will freeze and break.

On this trip, we were gone 3.5 months. The number of nights we spent at each were: Boondockers Welcome 64. Campgrounds 32, Harvest Hosts 5, and no casinos, Walmarts, Cracker Barrels etc.    And because of that we only spent a total of $1,050 on Campground fees, and some of the boondockers welcome hosts charged either 5 or $10 a night for electric. Not too bad for a 3.5 months. 

We had some Problems.  BUT Our Fun out weighed the stressors!

Places we visited and things we’ve done: Christmas vacation house, Assateague  wild ponies, ocean city, Charleston, OBX, Myrtle Beach, Savannah, St Augustine, Disney, Miami, Clearwater, Tampa, the Keys, the Everglades, Destin, saw Manatees, the highest point in Fla, Mobile Alabama, New Orleans, The Tabasco factory, Eunice Louisiana, Helen Ga, Smoky Mountain National Park, Harpers Ferry and Centralia.

And that doesn’t include all the things we’ve learned and the wonderful people we’ve met.

So now that we’re home the podcast will go back to a less frequent release and I will talk more about Stress Management and with North America being turned upside down, I see my clients and friends are showing a heightened level of stress or anxiety.    Everyone is being affected, full timers, part timers, vacationers, workers, parents, children, adults, loved ones and yes me.

I won’t be talking about the corona virus – if you want to learn about that  read any of your emails from your bank, grocery store or if you must ….. the news.  Try to limit the amount of time you watch or listen to the news your mind needs a break from it

There is a short guided imagery at the end of this episode, DO NOT listen to it while driving or operating heavy machinery. However to help you deal with your stress, in the very near future I will release  3 episodes. They will be an introduction to stress, a progressive relaxation exercise and a guided imagery. Please listen to them while in a safe place to relax and share them with anyone who needs to relax.

Be safe everyone and …. laugh as often as you can.  Peace.

Here are pictures from Centralia


Relax RV Podcast – episode 47 – The last full week on the road and the Coronavirus abounds

We visited Bays Mountain Park & Planetarium

The next stop was in Hardy Va. We stayed at a BDW and visited the Booker T Washington National Monument

We then stayed at Devault Vineyard a part of Harvest Hosts. We then took a ride over to Lynchburg Virginia. We stopped in at a restaurant called Bootleggers. The next morning and drove to Gordonsville Virginia and stayed at Honah Lee Winery. We hooked up to 30 amp and had a water hookup which is totally atypical of a harvest host.     The next day we drove to Messicks Farm in Bealeton Va. Which is another HH. Tuesday 3/17 we packed up and drove to a BDW in Keymar Md.

We were pleasantly surprised when we met out host that we had met them at boondockers welcome site in Defuniak Springs Florida. We drove over to the National Shrine Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes in Emetsburg Md which is beautiful and peaceful. The next day we went hiking in Catactin Mountain Park we visited a rock formation called the chimney rock then we headed over to Cunningham Falls and took a hike there.   We went over to Harpers Ferry. The National Park office was closed so there was no admission charge. All the shops in town were also closed.

Then on our way to our next boondocking welcome site in Bloomsburg Pennsylvania, we stop the Camping World in Harrisburg Pennsylvania to pick up the dipstick oil cap for the generator. Which didn’t solve the problem.

We then pulled into our last bdw place in bloomingburg PA. And that’s where I’ll leave you for this week…     


Here’s a link to the pictures of National Shrine Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes in Emmitsburg Md.

And The National Shrine of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton 

And pics from our hikes in Catactin Park

And finally a few from Harpers Ferry


Relax RV Podcast – episode 46 – We visit the Smoky Mountains and our generator DIED

On 3/10/20 this podcast celebrated it’s 2 year anniversary.

Our Boondockers Welcome hosts in Brooks Georgia invited us in for ice cream. We sat with them for over an hour having a really nice conversation about a lot of different things. Then I met my buddy Rob at Nic & Norman’s in Senoia. This is the town where Walking Dead was filmed.

The next day we drove to The Cottage Vineyard and Winery which are Harvest Hosts. After setting up we drove over to Helen Georgia. We were pleasantly surprised by it. We liked it better than Frankenmuth Michigan.  You can park for free at the Unicoi Hill Park or in the City of Helen parking lot on the other end of town. Otherwise it’s $5 to park (March 2020). We ate at the Heidelberg restaurant which had really good heavy German food. We had nice conversations with some of the shop owners.

That evening we got back to the rig Trish suggested starting up the generator you hadn’t started it in a while. It started right up and ran for about 10 minutes and then it died. It’s not sending an error code. We have flashbacks from 2018 (check out episode 5 to hear about that mess).

We hope its the dipstick/oil fill plug, and have one on order.

That day we drove a whopping 7 miles to Timber Ridge Campground that we reserved through Passport of America

We then went back to Helen Ga and hiked the Unicoi / Helen Trail

Then we drove to Smokemont Campground in the Smoky Mountains National Park (no entry fee). We picked a sunny campsite for our solar (here is a link to our solar system in our rig). We then did a 5 1/2 mile hike. It was 62 degrees and beautiful. That night it was 30 degrees fahrenheit out, it’s nice having our inverter so we can use our electric blankets to warm up our bed. And its nice having heated tanks.

The next day we went for a hike on the Appalachian Trail.

The next day we woke up to total cloud cover and rain. We packed up and drove north out of the Smoky Mountains and by the time we left the campsite our batteries were fully charged, we love our 3000 watt pure sine wave inverter. We drove through Gatlinburg and will return to it someday.

We drove to Fall Branch, Tennessee. We met our Boondocking Welcome hosts. They invited us in for a glass of wine and nice conversation.

The next day March 11th 2020 I recorded this episode of the podcast while Trish did laundry. Then off to find a small park and go for a walk.


Pics of Helen Georgia

And pics of the Smoky Mountain National Park


Relax RV Podcast – episode 45 – Out of Louisiana into Georgia and a fixed slide again

Drove to Pearl River Louisiana. We wanted to hike but because of the flooding we had a hard time finding a place (see the photo for this episode). We drove a half hour to Northlake Nature Center in Mandeville Louisiana. And hiked for 2 and 1/2 hours. A nice park with boardwalks and small trails.
The next day we drove to Prichard Alabama to Chickasabogue Park and
because we booked it through Passport America we camped there for $9 a night with full hookups.

We got set up and the slide started acting up again. The slide has difficulty going out. I remembered we had an issue in Montana with a wire going to the slide controller. So I asked Trish to hit the button to extend the slide while I went to the basement and I wiggled the wire that gets connected to the control panel that says ext (for extend) I wiggled it and as I wiggled it I heard an electronic switch going off inside of that control box and the slide came out.  

I had a conversation with myself and reminded myself to take a deep breath and relax and come up with a solution. I also reminded myself to put things in perspective. With all of this wonderful traveling that we’re doing we’re seeing beautiful things learning so very much (like the fact that we like to eat mud bugs) finding fantastic foods and meeting fabulous people. And I reminded myself the RV is put through an earthquake in a hurricane every time we drive it down the road 60 mile an hour winds and earthquake bumps.

 I then went on to Amazon found the control box Lippert Components 211852 Wall Slide-Out Controller V-Sync II for $250. I went ahead and ordered it and 2 days later I unplugged the old one –plugged in the new one – and the slide came right out without issue. So once again I hope that we figured out the slide problem.

The next day we drove 3 hours to Eclectic Alabama. 

We then went for a hike of about an hour through the park. Got back to the rig worked on pictures and then grilled dinner. That night it poured all night. We were setup under a carport so it was nice bbqing and such and not having to worry about the rain. On 3/2 I was getting cabin fever so I put on my rain gear and walked 2 miles to the town of Eclectic. When I got to town, the rain stopped and the sun came out. So I called Trish, she picked me up and we went to Lake Talisi Riverwalk. It was nice to get out for awhile. The next day we packed up, and headed to Brooks Ga. We arrived in Brooks Ga met our host. And had a nice conversation about rv solar systems.

 The next day we went in to Atlanta Ga. It was a so we found a Groupon for the Michael C Carlos Museum at the Emory University. What are really nice museum that had a great Egyptian display along with a lot of other interesting artifacts. Then we stopped in at the Ponce City Market which was the old Sears Roebuck and Company building. There was a lot of upscale shops restaurants and even a couple of bars in it. We bought a couple of chocolates at St Germain Bakery which were delicious. We then drove over to the Eclipse Di Luna in Atlanta. We got a few phenomenal tapas and it was happy hour so they were half price. Earlier in the trip Trish tried a coconut mojito and liked it. This place had one as part of their happy hour so she got one there and she liked it again. I guess this will be Trish’s cocktail of choice but her drink of choice will remain wine.


Some pics from Louisiana.

Pics from the Michael C. Carlos Museum


Relax RV Podcast – episode 44 – Mardi Gras …. Cajun Style

We left New Orleans and I wanted to drive across the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway. Why? Well according to the Guinness Book of World Records it is the longest continuous bridge passing over water in the USA (it was the longest in the world but now the Jiaozhou Bay Bridge in China is the longest). 

Arrived in Lafayette Parish Louisiana and stayed at a Boondockers Welcome host, Lonnie and Antoinette. Wow what a fantastic time we had with these folks and their wonderful friends.  We learned what a Parish is in Louisiana.  They invited us to a cookout with cracklins and gumbo and a crawfish boil the next day.  All of it was fun and delicious!  The next day we joined our host at Little Big Cup for brunch. We had more crackling, a great jambalaya and gumbo and fantastic Creme Brulee French toast.

Then we went to the Tabasco Company Factory and Museum tour which was worth the visit. We bought a bottle of their bloody Mary mix for our host. 

The next day we went to Prairieville in Ascension Parish, Louisiana. Met our wonderful host. Set up the rig right next to the bayou. By the way a Bayou is a slow-moving Creek. Or swampy section of a river or a lake.

The next day we went to Eunice to see a traditional Cajun Mardi Gras. We had heard of this on the LINK Anthony Bourdain TV show.

This was 2 hours from our location and our host graciously offered to drive us there. We ate the best Alligator we have ever eaten, ala po’boy at Nick’s on 2nd. There was a stage with a band playing cajun and zydeco music, stands selling crafts and Mardi Gras clothing and decorations. Then the parade started with police on motorcycles having fun leading it.  Then the real fun started.  The horseback riders in full cajun garb rode down the street then the floats with bead throwers. And there were people walking in the parade holding chickens.

This was the most fun Mardi Gras Parade we have seen on this wonderful trip!  The costumes, the friendliness,  the food, music and energy were fantastic!  Thank you Louisiana!!!!

We stopped at the LARC Acadian Village. We were so under whelmed by it I didn’t even mention it in the podcast. 


Here are pictures from the Acadian Village, the Tabasco Factory and a great stay with fantastic folks. These folks introduced us northerners to some fabulous food and good times !!!

 And picture of the Cajun Mardi Gras Parade on Fat Tuesday in Eunice Louisiana.


Relax RV Podcast – episode 43 – Mardi Gras the big one and the original one too

We arrived in Fairhope Alabama and learned Mardi Gras originated in Mobile in 1703. We went to  a Mardi Gras parade in Mobile Alabama which was our 1st Mardi Gras Parade ever. What a blast. While the downtown is filled with bars, Mobile keeps their festivities kid friendly. While there we visited the Mobile Carnival Museum. We highly advise you to take their free tour, admission was $8. We then went to a 2nd parade in Fairhope, which was much smaller but still fun. We ate at a fantastic Lebanese restaurant in Fairhope called Sage.

Then we drove to New Orleans (NOLA). Camped at 3 Oaks and a Pine campground (which we reserved through Passport of America $40/night for full hookups – and there’s a membership discount code I can email you which will save you some money towards their membership fee, just let me know). We are 15 minutes away from Bourbon St. We walked to Frenchmen Street and sat at Apple Barrel to listen to Great old jazz music.

And we had Beignets at Cafe Du Monde.

The next day we took the bus into town which was no bargain. In New Orleans we took a tour (hottest hell tour) which was touted as “adults only” and it was great. The owner/guide talked about alot of the dark stuff that happened in New Orleans, we found tickets on Groupon for it.

We headed over to the parade route where we had bought tickets to use bleachers for $15. We were so glad we did that. It started at 6:15. but It didn’t get up to us until 7:30pm. And the last float went by us at 11:15 p.m. 

So now we’ve seen three different Mardi Gras parades and we agree we liked the one in Mobile Alabama the best.

But what a fun experience here in NOLA. We love all those bars with live jazz music, live bands, and oh yes the food !!!!!!!!  

We were told to be careful of the crime on Bourbon Street. But we saw no problems at all. Yes, it’s a city so be careful. But there is also Mardi Gras for kidsin NOLA (New Orleans).

We met friends at  drinks at Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop — built between 1722 and 1732 by Nicolas Touze, is reputed to be the oldest structure used as a bar in the United States. 

We are staying at Three Oaks and a pine Campground.

At the visitor center in town they have 24 hour RV parking (which would be dry camping) for $50 for 24 hours.


 Here are links to my pic’s from the Carnival Museum and parade in Mobile Alabama.

Pictures of New Orleans (NOLA) 

Pics of the Druid and Nyx parade in New Orleans


Relax RV Podcast – episode 42 – Met new friends in Defuniak Springs visited a Fort a State Forest and a used book store

So, I fixed our slide issue (knock wood) and here’s a link to the video on how I did it!!! We avoided a tornado and then met fantastic people in Defuniak Springs Florida. We had great times meeting Rose, Marie and George from Montreal, Dan and Jan (and their kids) from Colorado and our hosts Jeff and Leanora !  We found a great used book store Anita’s Half & Half. We heard about a wonderful Christmas Light display in Defuniak Springs Fl. We visited Fort Pickens which has a wide history of transformations. We camped at Henderson Beach State Park. Here’s an article about Acadia National Park testing a reservation system soon. 


Here are pictures of Fort Pickens and Henderson Beach in Destin FL.


Relax RV Podcast – episode 41 – We visited a Tiki Hut in St Petersburg, picked Oranges on a grove the Everglades, went to Tarpon Springs saw live music and finally found great hiking in Florida

We revisited a Tiki Hut bar in St Petersburg. Then we picked Oranges on Dooley Groves in Ruskin. Stopped by Tarpon Springs and ate at Mamas Greek Cuisine and bought a sponge. In Inverness we saw live music at MC Wine Bar (Twysted Vyne).  And finally found great hiking in Florida at O’Leno State Park and Ichetucknee Springs State Park. Finally we met Sean and Alli who have a RVing YouTube Channel. 

Here are links to the pics of O’Leno State Park. And a pic of the huge Lemon we saw at Dooley Groves.


Relax RV Podcast – episode 40 – We visited the Everglades, the Keys and South Beach and Little Havana in Miami

Well, I learned I love Rt 27 in Fla, and dislike I-75 ! We had great cinnamon buns at Knaus Berry Farm then drove the northern end of the Florida Keys and found some great parks like Crocodile Lake NWR (which you can not explore) and John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park Pennekamp . The next day we went on a airboat ride at Everglades Holiday Park to see Alligators and I talk about the good and bad of that. The next day we visited Biscayne Bay National Park and visited Everglades National Park. And in Little Havana, Miami we ate at El Cristo restaurant….wow !!!! And there was fantastic music at Cubaocho  and you need to check out el Santo. And we went to Manatee Park where we rented the canoe. 

Pictures of the airboat ride, Biscayne Bay, South Beach and the Florida Keys can be found on Facebook.



Relax RV Podcast – episode 39 – We went to the Florida RV Supershow in Tampa, visited my brother Mike and his wife Jen and enjoyed time in the RV park

We visited the Florida RV Supershow in Tampa on the busiest day of the show, and let me tell you, WOW!  But the real reason for visiting Clearwater was to visit my brother Mike and his wife Jen. This was a bitter-sweet yet very healing visit for me. We then had our 2nd one-night stop over on the trip. We are loving the slower pace. 

Here are pics from the Tampa RV Supershow.


Here is a link to the Florida RV Supershow.

And a link to John and Kathy Huggins instructions on “How to survive a RV show”. 


Relax RV Podcast – episode 38 – We visit St Augustine Fla and then to Walt Disney World

We spent a few days visiting the oldest city in the United States St. Augustine Florida.

We learned (and share) a few things about this city. We saw the Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse, St John the Baptist ChurchFlagler College (and went on a fantastic tour of it). The Shrine of Our Lady La Leche and Castillo de San Marcos Fort.

After we left the East Coast of Florida we then we went to the BEST campground we have ever been to (Trimble Park) !!!  And why are we there????    We visited Walt Disney word and Epcot !!!!!

Here are pics of St Augustine and Walt Disney World.


Relax RV Podcast – Episode 37 – More time in and around Charleston SC then south to Savannah Georgia

We spent another day in Charleston and saw a Emancipation Celebration Parade. Then we visited a Tea Plantation, a huge Live Oak tree, a Distillery and a Winery near Charleston.  Then off to Jekyll Island, St Simons island and Savannah Georgia.

Here are links to the pictures of the Angel Oak Tree the Charleston Tea Plantation, Wormsloe, Firefly Distillery and Deep Water Vineyard. And we visited Savannah Georgia and Jekyll Island and St Simons Island

Here’s links to the places websites: Angel Oak Tree the Tea Plantation the First Baptist Church. and the Cathedral  of St John the Baptist.

The Firefly Distillery the Deepwater Vineyard and an article about the ship that sank with the Hyundias on it.

The Wormsloe park and the Hollings Basin. And the Dungannon Plantation.


Relax RV Podcast – Episode 36 – We visited Wilmington, Conway and Myrtle Beach NC then into SC to spend time in Charleston

Visited the beautiful and historic city of Wilmington North Carolina and the temp was 75 degrees fahrenheit !!! Saw a fantastic sunset on Holden Beach. Enjoyed time with 2 of my old coworkers and friends Kim and Kathy. Spent time in Myrtle Beach and Conway. Then headed south with the rig to Charleston South Carolina.

Here’s some pics from Wilmington North Carolina ,  our beautiful sunset on Holden Beach.

Here are the pictures of the gorgeous Charleston South Carolina.


Relax RV Podcast – episode 35 – Heading south to Virginia and then to the Outer Banks NC

We left Assateague and stayed at a Harvest Host in Melfa Virginia. We then went south to the Outer Banks (OBX) in North Carolina, driving over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. While in OBX we visited Kitty Hawk, drove on a beach and ate some fantastic tuna. We stopped at the Jarvisburg Colored School. Then off to Burgaw.

We visited a wonderful light show at Lake Linda’s and took the rig for a mile long drive in mud …..

Pictures will be posted soon. 


Relax RV Podcast – episode 34 – On the road again, the start of our Southeast 2019 trip

We finally left our stone and mortar home for our Southeast 2019 trip. We didn’t get out of our driveway before the problems started, Then our 1st night out … NO 110v in the rig !!!!! Ugh. This may be a trip ender. We stayed in Barnegat NJ, visited the “Christmas Vacation House in Mickleton NJ. Then off to Chesapeake MD. Afterwards we drove down to Assateague MD to see the wild ponies and went over to Ocean City MD.


Here are some pics of the Barnegat Light house.

And some from Chesapeake Maryland and our stop at 503 Legends Court in Mickleton NJ to see the Christmas Vacation House. 

Here’s photos of Assateague and Ocean City MD


Relax RV Podcast – episode 33 -Getting ready to hit the road for our southeast journey

House is set.  Rig is packed.  Might as well get the road and travel to warmer climes for the winter.


Relax RV Podcast – episode 32 – Back in our mortar and stone house. Made some improvements to the rig.

We arrived home from our 2019 Northeast trip. We were gone for 4 months and traveled 6,000 miles. In this episode I talk about how many nights we stayed at various types of places (Harvest Hosts, Campgrounds and Boondockers Welcome). Made some improvements to the rig. 


Relax RV Podcast – Episode 31 – Ohio, Pennsylvania, N.Y. and ….. home


We were pleasantly surprised with the service at Thor!!!

We then headed east to Ohio. Then onto Pennsylvania and upstate NY. We found some great towns, a casino, great beer and wineries.

This is episode is the last one for our Northeast 2019 trip. With over 6,000 miles of memories and problems, it was wonderful!!!!!


Relax RV Podcast – Episode 29 – U.S. border crossing then to Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan again


Relax RV Podcast – Episode 28 – Montreal, Kingston Ontario, and make our 2nd visit to Port Dalhousie …. and then another water leak


Relax RV Podcast – Episode 27 – Nova Scotia to New Brunswick and then to the Walled City of Old Quebec !!!!


Relax RV Podcast – Episode 26 – Back to Nova Scotia … to be locked out of our RV


Relax RV Podcast – Episode 25 – A wonderful garden on Eastern P.E.I. then back to Nova Scotia and …… home :(

We spent a total of 10 nights on PEI. This episode we talk about the Eastern side of the island and the trials of getting off of it.

When we got back to Nova Scotia, we stayed with our friends Andrew and Patty. Visited Tatamagouche, wait till you hear about the train ! We then visited Cape Breton Island, wow!!!

Not sure if you know, Nova Scotia translates to New Scotland. And Cape Breton is where the Irish settled, it’s so Irish, the street signs are in Gaelic. 

Pics of places I talk about in the episode:

 Cavendish N.P. and the Hope Gardens

A beach and light house in Panmure

Cape Breton Island and the Highlands National Park

Truro, Victoria Park and the Tidal Bore

Here’s a video describing our route across PEI



Relax RV Podcast – Episode 24 – A water leak, wineries in New Brunswick and fresh lobster on P.E.I.


Check out the photos of:

 St John and New Brunswick

 Sea Caves just north of St John on the Bay of Fundy – New Brunswick. 

Tyne Valley and western PEI (Prince Edward Island)

Here’s a video describing our route around PEI


Relax RV – Episode 23 – Dead batteries and furnace, Acadia National Park, Campobello Island and a couple of border crossings


Here’s a link to the pics of:

Acadia National Park

The little known Schoodic Peninsula (a part of Acadia NP)

Campobello Island 

More photos to come, I’m still editing them 🙂

Here’s my youtube video showing the furnace issue

Here’s my youtube video showing the furnace SOLUTION


Relax RV Podcast – Episode 22 We start our 2019 Northeast Trip


Here’s links to pictures from the places we visited in this episode:

Mystic Seaport in Connecticut

Rock Harbor Cape Cod, Massachusetts 

We drive on the beach in Cape Cod

A day at a lake on “the Cape”

Salem, Massachusetts

Gloucester Massachusetts



Relax RV Podcast – episode 21 – Dewinterizing and destroyed our water heater

Here’s a few videos on the water heater replacement:


Relax RV Podcast – episode 10 – a ghost town, Jackson MT and Yellowstone

We headed south-west and stayed in Bannack State Park, where we were pleasantly surprised. It’s a great place for kids of all ages. Jackson (NOT Jackson Hole) is a small, warm, welcoming western town, here’s a link to Jackson.

Then we stopped at a RV shop and bought a new topper for the rig. Eric Stark is the owner and he has a great podcast that focuses on repairs. We called Dee and Kevin – see episode 8 – and had it shipped to their house (for free), as we planned to stay with them soon.

We stopped and saw Antelope and Bison at the National Bison Range.

Then off to Yellowstone N.P.  Wow wow wow. Geysers !!!!!!!!!  Hot springs !!! Elk and Bison!!!!  Many hikes and a SWIM in the Boiling River !!!!


Relax RV Podcast – episode 9 – Glacier National Park finally

We could see the glaciers even before we arrived at the park. There was a lot of road construction outside of the park which slowed our travel. But oh well, because Glacier is so beautiful !!!  We did many hikes including our 1st hike on the Continental Divide, we saw Bighorn Sheep, Moose (mom and calf) and came face to face with Mountain Goats ! Wow wow wow ! We will be coming back.

I’m still figuring out the Podcast, formatting and file sizes and how it sounds on your end)


Relax RV Podcast – episode 8 – We picked up bear spray and made life long friends

Stayed in (and liked) Billings Montana then off to White Sulphur Springs and it was cold, sleeting and snowy and this was in August 2018 !!!!!!  Remember you are in the Rockies. 

We wanted to get out the cold and figured a glass of red wine would help so we looked and found 2 bars, “The Lane” and “The Sockman”. We figured Stockman sounded more like Montana so we went in a met a couple of locals (transplants from PA). We sat, talked, laughed, and made life longs friends with Kevin and Dee. 

We find that even with the stresses, RVing is fun and fantastic !


Relax RV Podcast – episode 7 – Traveling west and saved Trish’s life

We visited the Mall of America (the largest mall in the US) then stayed in Wisconsin, nice.  We visited the Badlands National Park in South Dakota where Trish developed Heat Exhaustion !!!! It was over 100 degrees when we did an easy (for us) 4 mile hike. Here’s a link to the signs of heat emergencies.     Then off to Montana (big sky country) and the Purple Mountains Majesty. 


Relax RV Podcast – episode 5 – finally on the road and ugh

We started our 1 year long road trip on July 8th 2018, but befoe we left I fried our battery cutoff switch and blew the solenoid behind the BCC (battery control center) which killed our camera system on the rig (back up and side view) and is killing the house batteries faster than normal.

And if that ain’t enough stress, our generator died in 90 degree weather.  So with the hot weather we are staying in more campgrounds than we expected and thus spending more money than we expected.

The stress continues.


Relax RV Podcast – episode 4 – solar install pt2 and preparing to hit the road

After weeks of working on the solar we finally get it installed, but we still need to wire the inverter to the rig.  All that while heading into the final weeks of my career as a RN. All of this is new to me, RVing, solar, retirement, podcast production etc. So, be patient I will continue to tweak this podcast. Paul, remember to breathe …..


Relax RV Podcast – episode 1 Introduction to me and my podcast

This is the 1st episode, I will focus on RVing and its stressors.  It is a work in progress so if you have any comments or suggestions, let me know at relaxrv@hotmail.com

I will talk about our RV travels (trip planning, travel updates, problems encountered in relation to the RV, our travels AND how to deal with those stressors and stress in general.

Peace, Paul