Videos – The Good, the Bad and the MODIFICATIONS

Below are those videos or you can also find all of them at:                              RelaxRvPodcast on Youtube 

On our travels things have gone wrong, things have broken or failed. Things have given me a headache or caused frustration. I’m sure you know what I mean.

I have also made improvements or upgrades to our rig.  

While camping near Acadia National Park, our furnace failed while plugged into shore power. The previous day our batteries died, like totally dead, so we replaced them. Now as we are getting ready for bed, our furnace died. All this and we are leaving the U.S. in 36 hours. I’ll show you the problem and the fix. 


I had winterized the rig a couple of times, so I figured I had the process memorized. The problem with that theory is last time I had done it was a year prior and I used a cheat sheet. So , this time I just went ahead and did it. The following spring me and my daughter planned a 2 night stay in the Delaware Water Gap. We loaded up and hit the road. Then I turned the hot water on and …

The door lock on our rig failed. While in Blomidon Provincial Park in Nova Scotia, we were planning a hike overlooking the Bay of Fundy. I went to the toad for our day packs and when I returned the door was locked. I knocked and asked Trish to open the open the door from inside. She said it wasn’t locked and she couldn’t open it from inside the rig either. I had heard that these locks can fail, but never thought to replace ours. Now in order to remove the lock you need to remove the 2 screws on inside the door jamb. But you can’t get at the screws with the door closed. UGH !!!! I had her pass the ladder for the over-the-cab bed out the window to me.  I placed the ladder outside the driver-side sliding window and proceeded to climb in and out of the rig trying to figure out how to remove the lock without destroying the door. You’ll see all of that in the video and until we were able to find the correct replacement lock … the door kept flying open as we drove. I’ll show ya how we solved that issue too. 

Our batteries are connected to our Solar Charge Controller and Inverter. We connected a Victron Battery Monitor to show us how much life our battery bank (three 100 watt AGMs) have left. The Victron wasn’t measuring the energy coming to the batteries from the charge controller. So this is how i fixed that problem. 


You can find all of my videos at:     RelaxRvPodcast on Youtube