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Relax RV Podcast – episode 52 – How are you doing

Episode 52  – Released  4/4/20

These are strange and trying times.

It seems that people who are “not essential” are experiencing new stressors at this time of change.
..lack of income
..frustrations of try to negotiate super inundated systems like unemployment
..kids and adults are stressed with isolation from their friends
..adults are dealing with working at home OR being an essential employee
..hard to get comfortable with the uncertainty of when their lives will go back to the routine they are comfortable with
..try to keep needed supplies in the household

“Essential ” people may be feeling overwhelmed because of being overworked or fearful because of possible exposure to the virus.

Either way These ARE trying times.

Signs and symptoms of stress overload:

Anxiety or panic attacks, A feeling of being constantly pressured, hassled and hurried, Irritability and moodiness, Stomach problems, headaches, or even chest pain, Allergic reactions, such as eczema, Acne  or asthma, Problems sleeping too much or too little, Over or under eating, Increased drinking, smoking or doing drugs, Sadness or depression, Feeling like you are losing control or need to take control, Having difficulty relaxing and quieting your mind, Feeling bad about yourself (low self-esteem), lonely, worthless, and depressed, Low energy, headaches, Upset stomach, including diarrhea, constipation, and nausea, Aches, pains, and tense muscles, Chest pain and rapid heartbeat, Nervousness and shaking, ringing in the ear, cold or sweaty hands and feet, Dry mouth and difficulty swallowing, Clenched jaw and grinding teeth, constant worrying, Racing thoughts, Forgetfulness and disorganization, Inability to focus, Poor judgment, Being pessimistic or seeing only the negative side.



Things that will help you to relax:

..Find diversions
..start new or do old hobbies
..jigsaw puzzles
..fix or repair things that have been on the “honey do” list
..plan or explore options for your travel plans when the restrictions are lifted
..TALK on the phone
..play games with family or Solitaire
..work on the list of things broken in your rig or do modifications that you have wanting to do


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Relax RV Podcast – episode 48 – The last stop and then home

Episode 48 – Released 3/26/20

We visited Centralia Pa on our way to Bloomsburg Pennsylvania.  Centralia is a town had an iron field under it and had caught in fire many years ago.  We then arrived at our Boondockers Welcome host site, and met our hosts Scott and Amy.. They invited us to join them for dinner the next night we said absolutely and we would bring wine and dessert. We looked online and found Dalos bakery in Berwick, Pennsylvania.

The next morning Scott reached out and asked if our generator was working. Scott came out and after some finagling he noticed a wire dangling behind the carburetor. We spliced them together and voila it started and runs without a hitch.  The next day we got all packed up then our goodbyes lasted another hour. It’s nice when we leave a place knowing you have new friends.  We already have plans to get together with them.

We drove 2 hours home along the way we dumped and filled up with gas. We tend to fill up on every leg of our trip. Which means we have about 20 gallons to fill when we are at 3/4 of a tank.

After taking out stuff that could freeze I winterized it, following my own directions and hopefully this time nothing will freeze and break.

On this trip, we were gone 3.5 months. The number of nights we spent at each were: Boondockers Welcome 64. Campgrounds 32, Harvest Hosts 5, and no casinos, Walmarts, Cracker Barrels etc.    And because of that we only spent a total of $1,050 on Campground fees, and some of the boondockers welcome hosts charged either 5 or $10 a night for electric. Not too bad for a 3.5 months. 

We had some Problems.  BUT Our Fun out weighed the stressors!

Places we visited and things we’ve done: Christmas vacation house, Assateague  wild ponies, ocean city, Charleston, OBX, Myrtle Beach, Savannah, St Augustine, Disney, Miami, Clearwater, Tampa, the Keys, the Everglades, Destin, saw Manatees, the highest point in Fla, Mobile Alabama, New Orleans, The Tabasco factory, Eunice Louisiana, Helen Ga, Smoky Mountain National Park, Harpers Ferry and Centralia.

And that doesn’t include all the things we’ve learned and the wonderful people we’ve met.

So now that we’re home the podcast will go back to a less frequent release and I will talk more about Stress Management and with North America being turned upside down, I see my clients and friends are showing a heightened level of stress or anxiety.    Everyone is being affected, full timers, part timers, vacationers, workers, parents, children, adults, loved ones and yes me.

I won’t be talking about the corona virus – if you want to learn about that  read any of your emails from your bank, grocery store or if you must ….. the news.  Try to limit the amount of time you watch or listen to the news your mind needs a break from it

There is a short guided imagery at the end of this episode, DO NOT listen to it while driving or operating heavy machinery. However to help you deal with your stress, in the very near future I will release  3 episodes. They will be an introduction to stress, a progressive relaxation exercise and a guided imagery. Please listen to them while in a safe place to relax and share them with anyone who needs to relax.

Be safe everyone and …. laugh as often as you can.  Peace.

Here are pictures from Centralia