Things that help me Relax, while we are in our RV or not:

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We have avoided kayaking, because it took too much effort to get the kayak on and off the Jeep.     The Hullavator was our solution. 

Our tandem kayak weighs 75 lbs and is over 17 feet long. Getting up on our jeep took a lot of effort, time and frustration. We then bought the Hullavator and now I can mount the kayak onto the jeep in a few minutes, very easily by myself.

The above images are stock photos, I have pictures and comments of our setup on my facebook group, this link will take you to it Relax RV.

bedlift image

We installed this in our motorhome. When we bought our new mattress with innersprings, accessing the storage area under the bed got more difficult.  So, we bought this Bed lift Kit by Hatch lift Products. It  includes all the components necessary to install hydraulic lift assists on RV beds. Bed lift Kits includes two high quality gas springs, mounting hardware, and installation instructions. Bed lift Kits are assembled in the USA.

(see discount code for RV bedding on …..

This is the solar package we bought. Getting the complete package made installing solar so much easier. We love it when we are boondocking.

This is the inverter we use. It converts your rigs 12v battery current to 110 volts. It helps us save money by reducing the need to run the generator. This is a pure sine-wave inverter.

Adjustable Solar Panel Mount Mounting Brackets. The sun is typically low in the sky in the winter (like in Quartzsite Az). Use these to “point” the panels towards the sun.


Travel Tote Bag to protect your “Instant Pot” or Slow Cookers while traveling in the RV. We used ours every day.

Rapid Egg Cooker: 6 Egg Capacity Electric Egg Cooker for Hard Boiled, Poached, Scrambled or even Omelets with Auto Shut Off. Fast !  And saves your propane while plugged in at a campground.

Portable power pack. Great for boon-docking, we fully charge it at a campground, then use it to fully charge our electronics. It fully charged our smart phones or our Kindle 3-4 times.


2 Riedel Vinum XL Cabernet Wine Glasses in a Travel Case to protect them. We love these Riedel wine glasses. The case protected from breakage (even when we were towed out the mud).  The set comes with 2 glasses and the wooden case lined with padding.

Electronic controller protectant. We used this on P.C. board for our leveling system because it kept shorting out when it rained. We also used it protect the wire connections between the rig and the toad.

We use this rug at the entryway in our rig. It trapped a lot of moisture and MUD too !!!  Saved us from making a mess throughout the rig.

We use these to level our rig (remember, you shouldn’t lift your rigs tires off the ground when you are leveling it). In campgrounds, we found so many times the sites were so un-level we needed these under the tires. We also used them under our jack pads to prevent them from sinking in mud.

Don’t like the taste of campground water?  Either do we.  We love this filter, the spring loaded adapter alleviates the fresh water hose from kinking where it connects to our rig.

You can also use this adapter to prevent your water hose from kinking.

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