Discounts to Help Lower Your Stress

Have you heard about this????  We love to stay at wineries, breweries, museums and golf courses FOR FREE!    We have stayed at farms and many Wineries all across the country. Here’s a discount link to Harvest Hosts, when you use it, you’ll  save 15% off of their annual membership fee

and use code HHFRIENDS15 at checkout

Click here for 15% Harvest Host Discount 

Do you own a business or know a business owner who would like to be a Harvest Host Location? 

It’s FREE to be a Host. And its a great way to increase traffic to your business. Over the past 4 years we’ve stayed at Wineries, Breweries, Farms, Distilleries, Golf Courses, Stores, Shops and Museums all through Harvest Hosts.

Businesses interested in becoming a host destination with Harvest Hosts click here to learn more

Boondockers Welcome

We are members of Boondockers Welcome and love boondocking at various locations for FREE !   We have saved hundreds of dollars but what we love the most about Boondockers Welcome is we have met many new friends while staying at gorgeous locations. 

Boondockers Welcome NEW Member prices are going up to $79/yr in May 2022. If you buy a membership now, it’s only $50 a year. The link below will lock in this lower rate, regardless of how much the prices increase in the future.

Check this out,  on our 2019 Southeast trip, we traveled for 3.5 months. During that time we stayed at campgrounds 32 nights which cost us over $1,000.00.   And we stayed 64 nights at BoonDockers Welcome locations at a ANNUAL cost of  $50.00. 

Boondockers Welcome

Renogy Solar Equipment 

Here’s a 7% discount to whatever you buy from I have installed 2 complete solar systems including Solar Panels and Charge Controllers. I also installed Inverters to power my 110 electric.  For both systems I used Renogy products. 

BEDDING – Mattress Insider 

Our RV mattress wore out after 4 months on the road, no surprise there.   We bought a custom made replacement at They make custom mattress, sheets, and other great stuff!  You should check them out!

Passport America

Join before May 31st 2022 and you will get an additional 6 months membership for FREE, compliments of me.

As a member, you will save 50% at over 1,450 campgrounds in North America (USA, Mexico and Canada) with Passport America. If we use our membership for 1 night, the savings typically pays for our annual membership. We are now lifetime members, we love it that much! Check out their website and get 6 months FREE :

 Passport America

Here’s a description of my Relax RV Podcast

Stress Management while on or off the road.

Ever get stressed while on the road in a RV? Well this podcast focuses on Stress Management while RVing. I retired in June 2018 as a Nurse. I have been a Stress Management Consultant since 2003. Trish and I have been planning on RVing for about 3 years, At that time, our knowledge base on RVing was zero. For many years I had wanted to buy a pop-up camper after I retired, I took Trish to a RV show to show her my plans. Well ….. she looked at pop-ups and said she couldn’t camp in that, it was too small for her. She then looked across the room, pointed at a Class A and said “but what are those over there?”. I shook my head and when I saw the price tag, my whole body shook. And 3 years later Me and Trish bought a 29′ 2015 Thor ACE – Class A and we tow a 2015 Jeep behind us. LET THE STRESS BEGIN !!!!

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